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Harmony Update


The Harmony Web Management Update is an overhaul for how you can create, and manage websites easier with Polyphony. The interface, simply at polyphony.me/web, is familiar to those that used the old system but with a few additions/tweaks. First off, Drag and Drop Menu Order in the left-side panel. Simply grab the "grabber" on the far right of the page line you want to move, and drag to a new position. It's that simple! Hierarchy coming soon! The next big change is in setting up a new website. Setting up a new website is now completely user-controlled by simple selecting the dropdown menu and selecting "Create New Website" followed by selecting a package that's right for you. Twitch users will recognize this interface from polyphony Twitch. The last big update is the ability to change your website's metadata! On the "Website Info" tab of the Harmony Manager you can change your website name and description to better fit anything you like. Those who are subscribed to our SEO service will not need to do this, as that is included in our package. Last, but not least, expect further module updates to reflect changes piloted in the Harmony Web Management module. Your feedback on usability, interface, and intuitiveness is wanted as we push toward a more public Beta phase in the next week or so.