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What Is Polyphony?

Polyphony is primarily a Content Management System (CMS) that specializes in providing services and tools for composers and other musicians, as well as photographers and artists, and even Twitch Streamers. Polyphony has many branches including:

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Harmony Web Manager Polyphony Composer Polyphony Twitch Scherzo

Harmony Website Manager

Harmony is a fully-fledged website engine that allows users to create a website in just a few simple steps. Harmony is perfect for people that want database-driven pages such as for works of art or individual events but don't want to painstakingly create a new page each time you update your personal catalogue. Harmony utilizes Polyphony's industry-standard encryption to protect your data, and a simple templating system that allows us to create websites to your specifications with ease. Harmony has a three-tier pricing structure:

Web Basic ($10 monthly)
Web Plus ($12 monthly)
Web Premium ($20 monthly)
Other items of interest:

Polyphony Composer

Polyphony Composer is our original flagship product, and we are always seeking to improve it!

As a composer, the process of writing music is a great experience until you get to the end. Then you have to publish it, get audio posted, submit to publishers, get registered with ASCAP/BMI and so much more. Not to mention never knowing where you placed your program notes you wrote down!

Polyphony Composer solves all of this by maintaining a database of your compositions that only you have access to unless you also subscribe to our Harmony Web Management System. Integrating these, all you need to do is upload a score, create a composition with the title, subtitle, program notes, etc. you need and we create a beautiful template for you to share your music with the world. This is just the front-end. The back-end also acts as a checklist for you to keep track of if you have submitted to publishers, ascap/bmi/etc, uploaded audio, uploaded a score (where applicable), and created program notes or not. Combining with our Events Module allows for further integration as whenever your pieces are played, all you need to do is create an event, and it'll register the performance under the composition(s) selected so you don't have to remember where your music was played next time you need numbers!

For your convenience, Composer is available at two levels:

Composer ($5 / monthly)
Composer Premium ($12/monthly)

Polyphony Twitch

Polyphony is a Twitch Bot that specializes in providing protection, analytics tools, and various useful utilities for Twitch Streamers. Polyphony Twitch features include:

Twitch Basic ($2/monthly)
Twitch Plus ($5/monthly)

We are adding new features all the time! Have a request? Just let us know and we might be able to add something for you!


Scherzo is the Divisi Labs file-hosting service that most of our products tie into. This file-manager is still considered in stable Beta, as features are still being worked on for it.